Blue Dog Beginnings

One day Sheri J was asked to go throw frisbees and came home a disc golfer.  It took a few years for her to find a local course and then another few years to discover the local club, Niagara Region Disc Golf (NRDG). Then not long after that she built a fundraising club, Friday Night League (FNL) that took care of the local course Chestnut Ridge Park, Orchard Park, NY (RIDGE).  Blue Dog Disc Golf is dedicated to growing the sport of disc golf for the recreational and the competitive disc golfer. In Spring 2020, The powers of Erie County closed the Ridge course due to fear of the corona virus. (The course is now reopened. For now?)  Facing the grim reality of no place to have league, Sheri combined the labor of club members with the amazing neighboring property and built a private members only 9 hole disc golf course. FNL still raises money for disc golf causes. FNL's Season runs the first Friday after April 20th to Labor Day. Our course & League will never be closed or cancelled again.  We love disc golf and ultimate, and pupperdiscos and glowey fun and think everyone should get outside and play! Buy the disc. Throw the disc. Love the disc.