Innova Discatcher Sport Disc Golf Basket
Innova Discatcher Sport Disc Golf Basket

Innova DISCatcher Sport Disc Golf Basket 18 chains

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The DISCatcher® Sport target, with the distinctive hat design, is an excellent practice target, and it can also serve as a target for temporary courses, camps, schools and home. With just five parts, it assembles with the help of a screwdriver in about 5 minutes. The DISCatcher® Sport is PDGA approved for tournament play, and is fun for all ages!

At 40 pounds, the DISCatcher® Sport is easily portable, and can be moved from location to location with minimum effort. Set it up at home for putting practice or a game of HORSE with a friend. Bring it to picnics and camping trips to play disc golf just about anywhere! It will really improve your short game, and as the Innova Team says, that is where the game is won or lost!

The DISCatcher® Sport uses 18 strands of galvanized chain along the outside of the chain rack, which makes it one of the best catching practice targets available. The DISCatcher® Sport is not intended for permanent outdoor installation.

DISCatcher® Sport Features

  • Chain Support and Chains
    Durable yellow powder coated finish with pre-attached chainset
  • Catching Tray
    Rust resistant galvanized steel rod
  • 2 Poles
    Two sections of galvanized steel tube
  • Base
    Our sturdy galvanized steel rod, four spoke system is wide enough and strong enough to stabilize the target, yet is still lightweight