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Discraft Soft Banger GT 170-172 Grams (SB2)

Discraft Soft Banger GT 170-172 Grams (SB2)

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Purple with a tiny swirl disc with a metallic rainbow prism stamp. Fun.

Our Groove Top™ putter delivers consistency and confidence with every release. It's overstable enough to handle a headwind, and is also favored by players who putt on a hyzer. Won't turn over on long approaches, won't skip on fast greens. Tuck your thumb in and feel the Groove Top™ difference - Meet your next putter. If the grip of your putter is important, consider these factors: grippy X plastic, grippy softness, and the grippy Groove Top™, all rolled into one putter. One throw, and you'll be hooked! 2/3/0/1

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