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Discraft Z Flex Heat 173-174 Grams (ZF3)

Discraft Z Flex Heat 173-174 Grams (ZF3)

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Pretty in pink disc with a solid flat blue top stamp and a cool artsy silver, black and yellow bottom stamp. Awesome.

The Discraft Z FLX Heat will be recognizable from a massive dome shape on the disc providing insane amounts of glide. This helps beginners tremendously along with strong-arm throwers the ability to allow for perfect form. Being a Hybrid Driver or Fairway Driver it fits in anyone's hand with ease being a slightly smaller rim than normal. For beginners, you can see the Heat fly straight flying discs. For Experts, it’s perfect for turnover rollovers. It’s a perfect disc to throw consistent anhyzer lines.

Speed: 9   |   Glide: 6   |   Turn: -3   |   Fade: 1   |

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